Generator of passwords: enter name of site - get password

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This project generates pair(password login) from pair(master-password name_of_site). You cannot get master-password from other 3 components. There is no base, so if you loss all data on your computer, then you can install this program and you would get all back your information about passwords and logins. This program does not remember names of sites, where you have accounts.

If you use this program there are only three things that you should remember - your master-password, name of this program and sites where you have accounts.


Algorithm of generation password and logins is simple: I take first two letters of password for getting hash base. I take first half of password then site then second half of password.

password: socret_password
site: name_of_site
result: cret_pname_of_siteassword

Then I take devil hash from this string. There is no way to understand what password was if you know hash and name of site. This hash defines password and login. One hash - one pair. Hash is unsigned long long, so there are ~2^64 different pairs.


Login already contains only 10 small latin letters. Password already contains
---6 small latin letters
---1 big latin letter
---2 numbers
---1 special symbol !@#$%^&*|


ArchLinux (AUR)

Attention! This program has Qt Framework dependence for Linux.